Rechargeable 12V 150PSI Portable Car Air Compressor

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Voltage: 8.4V

Origin: Mainland China

Model Name: Car Air Pump

Material Type: Metal+ABS plastic

Item Width: 3.19inch

Item Weight: 0.5kg

Item Type: Pumps

Item Length: 4.53inch

Item Height: 1.81inch

Brand Name: EAFC


Power: 120W
Pressure: 150PSI
Function: inflation / pressure measurement / lighting / automatic charge and stop / four inflation modes
Gas flow rate: 45L/min
Product size: 115*81*46mm/4.53*3.19*1.81inch
Applicable: car/motorcycle/bike/balls/inflatable toys


Wireless Type:

Voltage: 8.4V
Current: 15A
Power supply: USB rechargeable
Battery capacity: 4000mah
Charging time: 3-4h
Life time: 20-30 minutes
Trachea length: 140mm

Package included:
1* rechargeable wireless type car air pump,
3* gas nozzle,
1* Trachea
1* USB Charging cable,
1* User Manual


Wired Type:

Power supply: Car cigarette lighter, just plug in.
Voltage: 12V
Current: 10A

Package included:
1* cigarette lighter plug-in wired type car air pump,
3* gas nozzle,
1* User Manual

Portable inflatable, be prepared
With complete accessories, it can meet a variety of air replenishment needs and easily solve unexpected situations

Wireless inflation / USB charging  / Intelligent digital display / Automatic charging and stopping
LED lighting / tire pressure detection / four modes / 30 cylinder copper core motor
Temperature control chip / double air duct heat dissipation / / shock absorption and mute / Wrapped trachea

30 cylinder all metal cylinder block
Permanent magnet motor, acoustic noise reduction
The frequency of noise reduction structure is as low as 40dB to reduce mechanical noise

Copper core turbine multiplier
20 second rapid inflation

5S strong make-up gas
No need to wait for inflation

Preset tire pressure Click to start
Full automatic stop
Switching air pressure - Increase / decrease tire pressure value - Switch control - The lamp is easy to operate

Triple cooling technology, inflation does not burn
1.Large mesh heat dissipation increases heat dissipation area
2.Temperature control chip, intelligent temperature control operation
3.Spiral fan, accelerating air flow

Four modes, one key switching
1.Car mode
2.Electric vehicle / motorcycle
3.Bicycle mode
4.Ball mode

Upgrade high-density lithium battery life
Lithium iron phosphate battery for electric vehicles
About 6 car tires can be flushed at full power
About 12 bicycle tires can be flushed with full power
About 42 basketballs with full power

Grasp the tire pressure status in real time
Solve the problem of too high and too low tire pressure, and refuse to blow out and tire wear
Solve the problem of tire pressure leakage and reject the wear of tires and hubs
Solve the problem of unstable tire pressure, deviate when refusing to brake, and eliminate safe hidden moles

Led highlight lamp,From then on, the night is not alone
In case of inflation at night or special circumstances, long press the on key to turn on the lighting

Small, convenient and flexible storage
Palm size, can be placed anywhere in the car

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